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王者荣耀外围Providing project management and value added engineering expertise services and solutions to clients.

Leading clients towards sound, practical approaches to challenges which add value to their business.

王者荣耀外围Founded in 2017, Campos Consulting Limited is a small consulting organisation focused on offering project management and process engineering services to manufacturing organisations.

王者荣耀外围Backed by the experience and skills of a strong network, Campos Consulting is able to support manufacturing organisations in improvement projects from concept to beneficial manufacture.

We can also offer production management consultancy services and optimise processes or product pipelines, using continuous improvement techniques, with a view to identify new ways to add value to your organisation or streamline production.


Our Approach…

Campos Consulting are always available to advice and help organisations with their new projects or existing processes.

王者荣耀外围Supported by a unique background of expertise, gained in a multitude of industrial areas - ranging from Fine Chemicals, Automotive, Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical including top-tier COMAH sites -, Campos Consulting can help your business through all stages of any project: from the idea/concept optioneering, through front end engineering design (FEED) stage to handover or, simply by looking at troubleshooting or process optimisation needs.

Campos Consulting Limited can also help your organisation with regards to compliance on HSE and Environmental matters.

王者荣耀外围Campos Consulting is focused in building a strong network of clients, including building business-to-business partnerships with other consultancies and equipment suppliers, in order to operate synergistically and deliver the best value proposition for its clients.

We are happy for any organisation to get in touch to understand a little more 王者荣耀外围 Campos Consulting and explore how we could work together.

Current Engagements

Below is a list of some of our more recent engagements. Get in touch if you want to know more 王者荣耀外围 the assignments and challenges that Campos Consulting took on.

Engenda Group

Engenda Group

Campos Consulting Limited are providing Engenda Group with process engineering support on an ad-hoc basis , focused in EPC contract and FEED studies. Campos Consulting are proud of its project history with Engenda Group and to be able to support any technical needs of the Engenda Group business. To learn more 王者荣耀外围 Engenda Group click .

JM Health - Edinburgh

JM Health - Edinburgh

Campos Consulting Limited started, in December 2017, an assignment with Johnson Matthey (JM) Health in Edinburgh providing process engineering support. During 2018, Campos Consulting successfully added project management of several projects within the JM Edinburgh site to its portfolio.

王者荣耀外围Campos Consulting are proud to continue to be able to provide specialist technical and project management support to meet the developing needs of the ever expanding JM Health business. To learn more 王者荣耀外围 JM Health click .

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3rd Floor, 116 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5DQ

王者荣耀外围United Kingdom

M: +44 789 147 6229



王者荣耀外围Maybe you want to improve your process, consult on the latest equipment requirements for a specific operation step or look into value stream mapping of some of your product pipelines. Maybe need support with compliance matters - DSEAR, Hazard Studies. Or maybe you have a pressing project on a tight deadline and need someone to professionally manage it from end to end.